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Piano Tuning

Expert service

Most domestic pianos need tuning twice a year. Some pianos may need tuning more often according to the make, condition, ambient conditions and how often and how hard it is played.  Regardless all pianos need tuning at least once a year to maintain pitch and stability.
Pianos that have been regularly maintained should take around 45 minutes to an hour to tune. If your piano has not been tuned for some years or needs a pitch correction there may be an additional fee for this service and in some circumstances your piano may need more than one tuning to stabilise it at pitch. 

Some minor repairs and adjustments will be included in the price of tuning and undertaken at the same time. For more substantial repairs and/or full restoration please contact me for an estimate.

Tuning from $210


Piano Restoration and Repairs

From minor repairs to full restoration 

Piano restoration is my passion. If you have a beloved piano that needs some tlc then please call me to discuss. I have been in the business of tuning, restoring and servicing of all brands of pianos since 1993. Whether you have a spinet, console, upright, baby grand, or concert grand, you have my commitment to take care of your piano as if it were my own.

Minor repairs can be performed on site. Major repairs and full restorations will be performed in our workshop.

We can completely restore your piano to it’s original beauty, style, and charm.

Key repairs and replacement

Attention to detail

I specialise in the replacement and repair of individual ivory keys and keyboards. I also offer a full recovering service with new white, cream or faux ivory keytops.


Prepurchase Inspections and Quotes

Comprehensive inspections

Set your mind at rest before buying a used piano. Prepurchase Inspections from $155.
Insurance quotes from $180


Quality assurance 

We occasionally have pianos for sale, if you are looking for a reliable and afforable second hand piano then please give me a call and I'll let you know what we have available. I am proud to say I would not sell anything that I would not be happy to own and play myself.

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