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Jackie has tuned my piano for a few years now, and I would strongly recommend her to anybody looking for a piano tuner.
G Wood

Jackie has done a wonderful job restoring our Carlieber upright piano, which is a family heirloom. It sounds amazing and the instrument's full character can now be appreciated. Jackie's  service was prompt and reliable.
V Milner

Excellent experience. From initial contact to the the completion of the difficult work required with my piano Jacki excelled. She was friendly , timely and professional and I hope she will look after my piano for years to come. Thanks Jacki.
D Keane

Hi Jackie, I have been meaning to write for ages. My piano is fantastic, thankyou very much for coming out to the country to look at it for me! Much appreciated.

Jemma S via email

She was great. I needed an urgent regulation. She understood my situation even provided late pm service. She had a look small details that I did not ask for it and fixed. I strongly recommend her for our piano tuner.
E Kim

Thanks for your great work on Mum's piano - you fixed the unfixable, it sounds fantastic, and we will always be grateful to you for this.
A Lee

Thank you so much for the superb job you've done on the piano. I've only just had the chance to have a good play since arriving back from Canberra yesterday. It plays beautifully and I know that my mum would have been very happy with the job you've done. 

via email

Jackie was lovely, and did an amazing job tuning my much neglected Yamaha piano. It sounds absolutely beautiful.
Del N

Jackie did a great with our piano - both tuning it and restoring the keys. Just been playing the piano, and it sounds lovely (playing could do with a bit more practice!!). The keys have been restored and the joins in the ivory are seamless. It's very comfortable to play.
Thank you very much :-)
A Hunt

Jackie Barron did a fantastic job for us. Our piano is a family heirloom which has not been played or tuned in many years. She fully restored it and not only does it look magnificent, it plays beautifully too. Thank you so much Jackie, excellent service!
Jeremy S

Jackie is a lovely and genuine lady. She just did a wonderful job on my Mother's old piano at an incredibly reasonable price. She quoted for both a full restoration (which she would have had to refer onto someone else for as we have a pianola) and for a 'tune up' to make it playable. The piano has very strong sentimental value, had been transported from Tasmania and had not been tuned for quite a while. It now sounds wonderful! Jackie is a star and we are very grateful :)
Francis W

Steve Nieve (Elvis Costello and the Attraction's Pianist) played at the Fly by Night recently and Jackie made the Club's rehearsal room piano come back to life for the artist. Steve was very happy with the piano and recorded the evening for prosperity and a possible release. Thanks Jackie for making that performance possible.


Thank you Jackie Barron Piano Tuning and Restoration Perth WA for the beautiful, meticulous and sympathetic restoration and tuning of our beloved old piano. You're a legend!!!

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